Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sounds of Cylons

Anyway, a friend of mine, Kari posted this YouTube video on her Live Journal blog, which I thought was worth stealing.  This of course being the highest form of flattery possible.  Anyway, Kari is an interesting writer who is well worth reading if you are into fantasy novels inspired by Dumas, who is one of her passions.

I've been too busy writing other stuff to really post anything on the blog this last week or so.  It's not like I don't have a lot of stuff in first draft form waiting in the queue to be finished and posted even.  At last count I have sixteen articles waiting for me to edit, or take pictures for, or whatever?  Of course that begs the question of whether or not articles can be said to be waiting to be finished?  However, this is going off on a philosophical tangent that is best left unexplored here.

Last year, not so long ago, another friend of mine, Ferret quilter par extraordinaire, posted the following on her FaceBook page, which I stole for my FB page, and will post again here for reference.

I found Alan Watts discourse quite moving and it certainly hit home with me.  It made me ask the question of myself, and what I decided was that I want to write stuff that I own the IP of.  So I've made the decision to take my writing more seriously.  This doesn't mean I will stop writing reviews for magazines, even though they don't pay, as I quite like doing them.  Or for that matter writing where I get paid to write, but what it does mean is that I will be focusing on projects that are mine.

The downside is that I'm less likely to be doing as much blogging.  Not stopping, just my own writing has to come first.


  1. Great video that of Cylons, really funny!
    I wish you lots of success with your writingm but I'll sadly miss your blog posts

  2. Fantastic fun video of the Sound of Cylons - very enjoyable! Ashley, very best luck with the writing, whenever and wherever you do it! Although, like Anibal above, I'll miss your blog posts!

  3. Not packing up the blog, just easing back on the throttle, but making a living has to come first, and if writing is where I'm going to be making a living then I've got to work harder at it.

  4. Ok. Small world. How do YOU know Kari? :D :D

    1. SF conventions and mutual friends. You?

    2. Playing in Phil Nanson's D&D campaigns at Uni :D


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