Friday, 4 January 2013

Mummerset Armour Company

I decided that the next painting block would be these  as they've been hanging around in black with white dry-brushed on them for too long. These are the models I've been using for the armour company in my campaign. They are all MechWarrior Dark Age clix models that I've removed from their bases.

I've progressed to putting on six shades of green.  These are painted to match my Freedom Army of Mummerset mechs. Now all I have to do is paint all the shades of brown.


  1. I like them so far - Modernist camo....

    1. That is what a fine arts education will do for you I'm afraid. I see all camo as abstract patterns, and the male equivalent of floral patterns that women choose for their dresses.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. All the painting is on hold at the moment due to glasses. Just been to my optician and found that my old glasses were actually making it harder to see things. It all came to head yesterday when I ended up with a stonking headache from eye strain when playing a game that required me to be reading the rules.

    2. Ah, bah! It's fixable, at least, but what a pain.


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