Friday, 25 January 2013

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Super Dimensional Fortress Macross has moved one step closer to becoming a live-action movie.  I want to thank Robotech Battles blog for the heads up.  I've also added your blog to my front page blog list as a result.  Should have done that a while ago if truth be told, but them's just the way things happen at times.

Seeing Robotech for the first time was one of those big sense of wonder moments when I was over whelmed by the concepts of giant aliens from space having their asses handed to them by people flying transformable robots.  I guess you had to be there to appreciate what a big thing this was at the time?

I remember Helen McCarthy, who writes about Japanese culture and anime on her blog A Face Made for Radio running an anime fan run video stream at the 1987 Eastercon, where she pretty much kicked Japanese animation into the forefront of UK SF fandom scene by showing Urotsukidoji, otherwise known as The Legend of the Overfiend to an unsuspecting audience, which pretty much made everyone role for sanity loss.

So with Palladium moving towards a Robotech wargame and the now this movie, I see much happy giant stompy robot wargame goodness in the future.  It's heartening for an old time fan like me to see a new generation being exposed to something I love.


  1. Giant robot anime didn't really grab me in those days - I think because while I saw the odd episode I mostly met the McKinney novelisations, which were quite fun but obviously couldn't give the visual impressions. More recently I've enjoyed series like Gasaraki, Patlabor, Kenran Butoh Sai and Aquarion, which (I think in the Macross tradition) try to balance the robot fighting with out-of-cockpit action, but I've still never seen Macross all the way through. Really ought to remedy that.

  2. Thanks for the mention.. The Robotech Tactical RPG is in full swing with some excellent sculpts and some great game play right out of the series.. Look for the game at Gen-Con this year and get all the info at
    Tom Roache, PE
    Red Duke Games
    Robotech Battles

    1. No problem, just happy to share the joy.

      I wish I could get to GenCon, but cash poor writer.

  3. This is awesome news. Also as a note, from what I understand about the Robotech Tactics game, the minis will be the same scale as Battletech thus if they are we can have the original looking Unseene mechs for Battletech as well as for the new Robotech game.

    1. Mostly. BattleTech players will still not have any of the mechs taken from the Fang of the Sun Dougram series though.

    2. Or Crusher Joe (Locust and Leopard dropship, both iconic images for me).

      Ashley, as I get further into Dougram, I very much agree with you on its very clear inspiration to BattleTech. Even something like poaching technicians from the opposition...

    3. Glad you are getting into it now. I assume that with caveats for its age, your are enjoying watching the series?

    4. Yup - nobody would mistake it for a modern CGI-assisted show, but it has a great deal of charm in spite of all the problems of having a youthful protagonist (and a heroine who reminds me of one of Matsumoto's ethereal women and hasn't actually done much yet). And having several of the most iconic 'Mechs certainly doesn't hurt.


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