Thursday, 10 January 2013

VOTOMS Conversions

To round out my Heavy Gear army I'm converting some of models to make variants that I think look good. First off is a straightforward conversion to the Turbo custom variant that comes in the Takara set to make it a Barcoff's variant from the Pailsen Files. Still need to finish off the rocket launcher and adding the grapple launcher to the backpack.

Next up are these two WIP shots of a conversion to represent the Burglary Dog variant from the Shining Heresy five episode OVA.

And here are a couple of more Strike/Rabidly Dogs and my second Blood Sucker, which is going to be my other army command mech for my Heavy Gear army. I'm planning on changing the Strike/Rabidly Dogs guns using parts from the Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Blitz range, before I go any further with painting them.

So all I need to do now is print out some stat sheets for a game of Heavy Gear and use these models as proxies of Dream Pod 9 designs. 


  1. Hey Ashley:
    How much of these are your own sculpting? I see what I think is greenstuff in the first photo so I wondered?
    They look fantastic. I certainly wouldn't want to mess with a "Rabidly Dog", that sounds scary.
    Nice work.

    1. Not a lot, just the weapons, which are sculpted out of Milliput. Life is too short to for me to be sculpting lots of figures. heck I've still got an OGRE Ninja cybertank that I haven't gotten around to finishing, and that is about 90% done.

      Thanks for the comment, and I hope that you have fully recovered from the operation now?

  2. I found the extra bits for that Fatty I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, so had my cat. My fault for leaving it unattended and within his reach.


    Wish these sets were more plentiful...