Thursday, 2 August 2012

House Steiner Infantry

Previously, I gave an update on the things on my wargame bench awaiting further work to finish, for definitions of finish that include expanding army's as needed, and wrote about basing them here.

So here are some of the resulting figures from my post here, now based and painted.

I sorted the MechWarrior Dark Age figures  by weapon types, and then made mixes to give each platoon variety and add flavour to the game. These are flamethrower figures being used to represent a combat engineer platoon. All I have to do now is make some flame markers like Sidney did.

By having a couple of bases with one figure, and a base with two figures, it's really easy to add and remove casualties to keep track of the platoon's strength.

And here are four platoons acting as a Company. I've still got to paint up two more platoons; one to replace the combat engineers, and the other to add a motorised scout platoon to the TO&E of the player's force.


  1. Now that's a body of work and no mistake! Nice one, Ashley.

    1. Thank you, yes it is. A lot of planning and thought went into these. I have another two company's on the bench, and a whole heap load of battle armour for my House Marik force, and others for a Clan force, and a Republic of the Sphere force.

  2. Man, can you imagine being infantry in a universe full of giant mechs, though? Ouch, lol.

    1. Yes, I think that is why they are called crunchies? :-)

  3. Hi those miniatures look Great! Hey can I ask are you useing these with the metal Battletech Miniatures? I'm having a problem loading all your post:( Can you tell me how these look together and what infantry are in the Pic? They really Look Super Nice:) I'm a 1/200 scale BT gamer more like the older scale when it first came out. Anyhow thanks for anyhelp:) Grey in Va.

  4. They're about the same size as the new metal miniatures, but larger than the old ones.

    These are the MWDA IIRC elite infantry: came in different colours for each of the factions.

  5. Oh ok thank you so much for the help:)keep up the Great post:) Good luck with your writing:)


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