Saturday, 4 August 2012

Freedom Army of Mummerset Infantry

Back last year I wrote a post on infantry with no pictures, just saying pictures later. A year has passed and now there are pictures. First is some Power Armour troops using MechWarrior Dark Age miniatures. These are rather nice models, and what I found interesting was that there were at least two sculpt made, or two separate moulds, as there are some slight variations between figures.

And the second platoon that I finished recently are the motorised, à la BattleTech definition of same, infantry. These are quad bikes with what looks like some sort of rotary machine gun mounted on it. Too big to mount in pairs, hence individual basing.

Finally, the FAM company. I still need to paint up a command (two figure) base for the foot infantry (serves no actual command function, it's just useful to be able to remove figures in different combinations during the game).


  1. Been meaning to ask about this Ashley. I noticed earlier that you only use a couple of figures per base. Does each base represent a squad or a whole platoon? Do you tend to move a coupe of bases in a cluster to represent an actual platoon and just remove bases as squads are eliminated?

    I'm very curious to know.

    1. Any and all of these depending on how one is playing?

      Using the hex boards from the boxed set then I would use one base to represent a platoon. If you can accept a compromise on the rules, because you can't deploy more than one base of infantry in one hex, then using one base equals one squad works too.

      On a tabletop where one is using a ruler to measure, I then go the whole hog and represent one figure equals one man. Looks impressive to see hordes of infantry swarming over the battlefield.

  2. Thanks Ashley. I'd been wondering about that for a while.