Thursday, 16 August 2012

Traveller: Zhodani

Yes these are those Zhodani figures from the long defunct Martian Metals range. I got these on a trip to Toronto back in 1983, and I guess I painted them sometime around 1986, or so. I can't remember. As you can see there were five poses.

I bought all that the shop had, and was able to make up this platoon, which is one figure short as one of the commander miniatures has a broken arm awaiting the time I get around to fixing it.

Anyway, I'm posting these so that Thomas Nissvik can show his girlfriend some figures painted in pink.

Having spent today writing and doing these photographs for these posts I have been happily reminiscing about he good old day when I use to play in RPG campaigns run by my friend Kevin (who died a few years back after having a heart attack, I miss him), along with his then partner Rhona, with Patricia and Bill of the Warlord Games shop, not to forget to mention Dave Harwood, Saul and the others I played with too.


  1. The link has been duly forwarded to my gal. Thanks, Ashley.

  2. Sweet. You really made those old Martian Metals figures look...well...PINK! Nice paint work!

    1. And it's where I earned my monicker Paint it Pink.

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely fabulous. Now where's the Bolly? :-)