Monday, 30 July 2012



Okay, it's the Japanese and they are mad about mecha and all, but here is a genuine battlemech.

Post excitement, now I have time to comment properly as an addition....

This most reminds me of the Tachikomas in Ghost in the Shell, but I can imagine that pretty soon someone will take the next step and have working legs too. Then the mech will be very much like the Scope Dog in VOTOMs.

Look through the video to check out he different colour schemes they are offering the Kuratas in too. Finally, how soon until we see a miniature from someone?

Technical details for this mech appear on Advanced Dungeons & Parenting, citing it weighs about 4,500kg (4-tons), ultra light mech, that stands 4m-high (13 feet), 3m-wide and 4m-long. The Kuratas seems to have gone global.


  1. Haha, this is awesome! I just wish there was a paved arena somewhere big enough and varied enough for a proper game of paintball in these things.

    PS: Mech Dude found a user training video for it, though I haven't watched that yet.

  2. 4,500kg is closer to 5 tons (4.95 tons - 4.5K kg = 9,900lbs)

    1. That is probably correct, as I doubt the article was written by someone from Britain where we use 2240lbs to the ton; Japan uses metric anyway, except when they don't. Being Japanese and all they like to confound us gaijin.


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