Monday, 14 March 2011

Newten Town 2 WIP

I'm now working on some town boards for Operation Sandbox, and finally here are some work-in-progress pictures of the Newten Town, which will no doubt stand in for many towns on Mummerset. For some reason or another, doing these boards were a lot harder than the one's I did for Dunmarkeet in 15mm, and have proven to be a steep learning curve for me. Even though these are just pictures of work-in-progress I wanted to post them, just because really.

Next I'll start working on the grass areas to finish them off, and then I will have to start putting all the other junk to on them (like destroyed cars etc), and of course finish the trees too, unless I decide to go for that winter look?


  1. Excellent stuff, the board looks freat and would love to use it for a game.

  2. Thank you, they are going to see action at the end of the month. I'll post more pictures with an AAR then.

  3. Looks Brilliant. Really nice to see those terrain buildings in use. I have a couple to complete but have failed to get any paint on them yet!

  4. What scale are they, and how big? They do look nice however!

  5. The building are for 10mm scale, which approximates to N-gauge. The terrain boards are about 10 inches square, to give you some idea of what you are looking at.


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