Saturday, 12 March 2011

Charlie's a Brewing


I can imagine that some of you might be saying that I need to start another new period about as much as I need another hole in my head, or perhaps not? Maybe as typical wargamers you'll be thinking, cool what is she going to do next.


It has to be done as it is a favourite of mine, and I can actually blame my mum for this one, because she loved John Wayne movies and took me and my sister to see the Green Berets. And thus it began...

I'm planning on doing this is my new favourite scale of 10mm and I've been busy searching eBay for stuff, and redrawing the next set of riverine terrain boards that I plan to make. So all good now, except that I just need to clone myself so that I can finish all the stuff I have planned.


  1. a good start. Are you using the old Skytrex 1/200 riverine craft.

    I can sympathise with the "new period" issue - I suffer the same thing on a regular basis.

    Anyway, as a Brizzle based 10mm Vietnam wargamer I will watch developments here with interest :)

  2. Pendraken is your friend:

  3. Nice. I've recently started CDS in 6mm. So far I have begun to paint a VC platoon only...

  4. Remember seeing a 10mm 'Nam game at Salute a few years back - seems to be the perfect scale...

  5. I hadn't heard of the Shytrex riverine stuff, but rumour has it that Pendraken will be releasing some 10mm riverine craft in due course. Don't ask when as they are short of sculptors, but there is an intention to do so.