Saturday, 12 March 2011

OGRE Six Command Post Zero


The news is out SJG are going for a limited edition box set of OGRE 6ED with large hexes, 3D Ogres, buildings and all the trimmings. Estimated price $100.00. Yep, I shall be buying one, because the pleasure of having the new box set and playing with all the goodies will last longer than me remembering the price in years to come.

Of course, I have miniatures, I have loads of miniatures from the 1991 Ral-Partha release. I have a shoe box full of unopened blister packs too. With the release of a new set I might even be able to introduce people to the game, as lets be quite frank, while the original was cheap in a bag, the small plastic box sets convenient, everything was a little flimsy.

The new set will have card board maps and will a lot nicer game to look at. I might even be able to get people to play games with miniatures too. All win, and if not I will still have had the pleasure of buying and owning a new copy of the very first wargame I ever bought back in the day when I was young.


  1. Fantastic news, Ashley. I've been watching out for the new edition of OGRE for a while. It was one of my first games as well.

  2. OGRE was not the first wargame I ever bought, but it is the one I enjoyed the most. I'll gladly live on rice and noodles for a week to buy this :)

  3. For being almost 12 pounds of map & counters, that looks to be a *very* pretty game. I hope the box will be durable enough.