Monday, 12 April 2010

Somalia AK47 Republic

As I mentioned quite a while ago, I went to SELWG and bought some Peter Pig 15mm figures after playing in a demo game of AK47 Republic. When I got home I couldn't resist playing with the new toys I had bought, and I started sorting them out and basing them up.

Though in the latter case I've gone off message, as I wasn't totally convinced by the basing in the rules. So I've chosen to base professionals as per AK47, but I have increase the frontage for regulars by 10mm and 20mm for militia, which will allow me to put more figures on each base.

Why I hear you ask? Rhetorically that is, because I haven't got spy-ware that allows me to hear anything you say, but you can always leave a comment.

Well, for me, when using miniatures they must represent something more than just being a pretty counter or game token. I'm a firm believer that if you are not encoding information for the game into the figures, and the terrain, then you are missing out on the benefits of using figures in a three dimensional landscape. AFAIC you might as well use counters for your game.

Your mileage may vary on this one, but it's a thing for me that adds to the visual and textural experience of playing a game, which for me adds more than the sum of its parts.


  1. I've always been curious about AK-47. Those minis look like a lot of fun.

    I totally agree about using basing to good effect, even if it means having to paint more figs or whatever. With my (currently dormant) 10mm samurai project, I based peasant levy at a lower figure density with the figures more or less randomly distributed around the base; the samurai and trained foot troops, on the other hand, were much more densely packed and more regimented.

  2. I've never heard anything bad said about AK47, but haven't had the gumption (or opponents!) to give it a whirl...Just one question: How do you think it would work simulating battles in Central America, as opposed to Africa?

  3. Well, the only difficulty you would have with doing Central America is working out the lists. Are you a member of the Peter Pig Yahoo list. I'd recommend joining it and suggesting this to Martin who posts on it.

  4. sirlarkins said... "I totally agree about using basing to good effect, even if it means having to paint more figs or whatever."

    Wait until you see what I have planned for the Militia.

  5. AK47 will certainly work for Central America, with maybe a little tweaking of the army lists. The basic mechanisms work just fine.

    As far as basing is conecerned, it could be said of any set of rules that figures could be replaced by counters, whether it be 28mm skirmish, 6mm large battle, or even Battletech! Of course you loose a bit on the aesthetic, but I have play tested many sets of rules using card counters when figures have been lacking. Type 'Junior General' into google for some great game counters which are free to download.

    Of course you can use the rules as they as they are but there are factors within the rules to differentiate between professional, regular and militia and in fact giving militia larger bases gives them advantages in that they can cover more ground and claim objectives more easily than professionals.

    But, I am glad you like the rules. Pop over to my blog where there are pictures from last weekends AK Day in Weymouth!

  6. Gary Richard posted this on the list, which I'm copying here for information:

    "Didn't quite make it onto your blog. Anyway, several years ago I made up six armies for the Nicaraguan Revolution of the late 1970s and 1980s. The Nicaraguan National Guard army alone has at least three different typs of PP figures, US WWII, Israelis with Galil, and others; they also had older unmodified Sherman tanks and Staghound armored cars. Other armies were the Sandinistas before 1980 and after, two factions of Contras, Honduran, Panamanian, and US and Cuban intervention forces. For Central America, Granada, and Panama you can use just about any figure from PP range 17, and selected figures from the WWII range. There is also a lot of potential for the spare heads range if you don't mind doing head swaps."