Monday, 5 April 2010

North American Combine OGRE

I've played Steve Jackson's OGRE/GEV for many years, and have a bunch of OGRE miniatures too. So I thought it was about time to post some pictures, especially as I've been busy this afternoon taking a whole load of them of various things that have been finished. First up my OGRE Mk5 with Combine hardened Command Post, which I painted up a hell of a long time ago, as this is not the Ral-Partha reissue that was made in 1992, but one I was given by my friend Glen several years before, which I refurbished.

Back in the old days the Martian Metals
OGRE miniatures were a semi-mythical range of figures that people would have given their eye-teeth for. Having seen some I can say that they are really only of interest to collectors, as the re-mastered 1992 range superior in both casting quality and that the designs were better executed in miniature for. 

Back in the 1980s, if one wanted to play OGRE with miniatures your were considered pretty lucky if you could field a genuine Mk5 OGRE on the table. Nowadays people talk about proxy miniatures, back in those days there were only proxy miniatures, but we got by, and the long winter nights use to fly by! All my opposition vehicles for OGRE were taken from other ranges, or were simple conversions based on turret changes on 1/300th modern vehicles. Also, everything was dual purpose and my yellow peril regiments also served as a BattleTech vehicle force too.

No waste here in the Paint-it-Pink household. However, I'll post pictures of the vehicles another time.
Finally, in the time before now, which is the forgotten country that we call the past, I really, really wanted an OGRE Ninja. So I made one, but as is my won't never quite finished it. Now of course you can get the official miniature from Warehouse 23, but I though I would at least show mine off here for you all to see. Maybe, just maybe, I will get around to finishing it off one day and painting it too.


  1. Sigh. OGRE is one of those games that I love, but can't get anyone to play: The local Skiffy people won't go near anything with dice (figure that one out!) and the local wargamers won't go near anything sci-fi related. The world just aint fair, I tell ya :(

  2. I wish I could play this game but I have only Ogrethulu and his spawn (still in box) and haven't gotten any enemies for him to fight. I think I'll be able to at Origins this year though.

    Really nice work, even if it is early work :)

  3. I've got some newer stuff coming. Watch this blog!

  4. You should totally finish it and embellish it with electronic doo-dads to make it unique.

    1. I will be finishing it sooner, rather than later as I'm really enthused for playing OGRE at the moment. I've been finishing off my other cybertanks today, and started doing the camo on the Pan European forces that I primed green the other week.