Thursday, 29 April 2010

North American Combine Vehicles


The vehicles that make up this force were originally painted as dual purpose wargame miniatures, as I've always intended to use them both for games of BattleTech and OGRE/GEV. Let me talk you through them.

First off is Alpha Company, which is pure Ral-Partha BattleTech goodness tasked up as a Combine armour Company. They made up with models from  the second issue of the Vedettes and the Demolisher tank. 

Then there is Charlie Company, there is no Bravo at the moment, with up of light tanks I made by simply putting a 1/300th Merkava turret on the chassis of a Bradley IFV, both from the Heroic & Ros range. 

Golf Company has the early version of the Striker armoured car from BattleDroids, with Hunter missile tanks at the back. 

Finally, there is Hotel Company, which is hover tanks. The command vehicle for this is a Stan Johansen conversion of the U.S. Army Combat Hovercraft "SK5" Gun Boat, or PACV. 

NB: Originally I labelled these, and this post as a 7th Demi Brigade Légion Etrangère unit, but I've decided that as they are in the colours of my North American Combine force that I use for OGRE/GEV, it would be easier to just relabel them.  Of course since this original post and the re-issue of the miniatures by SJG and my working as an MiB I've stripped all these down and plan to use them for another project.

PS: Since posting, and therefore adding to the confusion, I've renamed this force 7ème Brigade Blindée, just in case you're reading this and are confused by the names I'm using for my Pan European force.

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