Thursday, 28 October 2021

OMWB: The Next Mech

Now I've finished painting the other mechs in the original batch, I'm going back and getting this combat engineering mech ready for the paint shop. I decided that as it's basically a non-combat model, I would have it with an unarmoured cockpit.

It allows the operator to feel the wind in their hair while slinging stuff around using their mech as a glorified crane jib.
I saw that the original arm has a rather limp wrist pose. Not that a limp wrist itself is a problem, but the arm hanging straight down holding a grenade launcher just looked naff.

So I drilled and cut the arm apart to repose it.

It's the little details that make a pose look more dynamic.

It's surprising how much time all of the above took. Basically, a whole Sunday afternoon's work at my bench. Need to get some Green Stuff to cover the pin joining the two parts and it will be done and dusted.

Just gotta do roll bars and grab handles before I can apply paint.

Okay, it may take me a while to prime, but WIP!


  1. Looking good!
    I agree, the little things make all the difference- its the shift from liking a model and loving it

    1. Thank you. Annoyingly, after taking the photo I found that my super glue had turned into gunk. Ordered a new bottle, which hasn't yet arrived from Amazon. So currently stalled.

      Damn the wargame gods that throw obstacles into the way of us mortal wargamers. ;-)

  2. Are these the 1/87th scale Gears? I bought the original Heavy Gear rules along with a couple of these but they were a bit expensive for my budget at the time. They were very nice though. The rules where extremely detailed in a different way to Battletech I found. Sort of almost RPG-level rather than wargame-level. The few battles I did fight were quite cinematic but as evey it was a case of not finding an opponent and then other shiny drawing your attention away.

    1. Yes, all the conversions I'm currently posting are the 1/87th RAFM Gears that I'm converting for use with 15mm miniatures.

      I've played a handful of games with the HG Blitz rules, which were not my cup of tea. I've never played the the HG RPG. So I can't comment on them either way.

      I am working on a set of what I'm calling Big Little Wars, a mass skirmish rules (10 to 50 figures per side), scale agnostic (choice of ground scale to match what figures the players own). They're a work in progress, but I am making headway on them.

      I'll be posting an update soon.

    2. Oh, and BTW, who are you Mr. Anonymous? Unless of course you wish to remain anonymous?

  3. Love the monster crane arm and open cockpit, Ashley. Health and Safety are fine with the grenade launcher, but will have fluffy kittens if there isn't a safety cage with roll bars :-)

    Robot arms are real, Ive seen them on Facebook!

    Regards, Chris.

    1. You made me laugh. Safety cage is the next thing I have to fabricate.

      Thanks for the link.