Thursday 11 November 2021

Big Little Wars: Post 5 - Chapter Headings


A progress report that is more than just there has been progress. I've set a goal of completing the first daft by Christmas. So I sat down and made a priority list of what I needed to do to finish to be able to send the first draft out the door to my play test team.

The picture shows the progress made and the word counts.

My document tells me that the current word total is: 19,677 words; though the project counter only says 19,401 words. No doubt there are good reasons for this, but I haven't a clue why they differ?

This project has completely sidetracked my work on my next novel, but doing this has involved me thinking about a lot of stuff that counts as world building stuff I will need to know for later stories. I'll take that as a win.

The list of sections to finish are:

Chapter 2. Big Little Wars Assumptions: 
Terrain; Choose Your Faction; and Overview of play.
Chapter 3. Playing Big Little Wars:
Deployment Points Example; Command Dice Example; Action & Movement Examples; Resolving Attacks; and Combat Resolution Examples.
Chapter 5. Troop & Vehicle Creation: 
Armored Fighting Vehicles; Robotic Attack Vehicles; and Weapon Options (cost to do).
Chapter 6. Force Organization: 
Adding vehicles to a force.
Chapter 7. Scenario Set-up:
Force building for scenarios (this is the first of the two big parts of what's left to finish).
Chapter 8. Optional Rules:
Non Player Controlled Forces; Company Level Games; and Calculating Line-of-Sight (is the other big part of what's left to write).

That's it. Catch you all later.


  1. That's a great picture and an interesting post. I am awaiting another "Dog" novel having read the first three each three times now. I suppose I should try one of the other series but somehow "Terror Tree" didn't engage me so I've hung back from venturing away from the "Dogs" Perhaps one of your readers will post what I'm missing out on.
    The key thing is whatever you're writing or building is being creative and that's almost always a positive as a human being and perhaps more so if you believe there's a Creator behind everything.

    All the best with whatever you're working on now,


    1. Two Moons, the next novel is being written, but delayed for reasons. I've had to go and make notes about archaeology, espionage, and science stuff that I need to write the story.

      So I apologize for the delay, but it's still going to be a while. Sooner than say the next GRRM novel, if not I will be able to show my face in public again.

    2. Stephen: If you scroll down the page and use the contact form, I'll send you a free copy of Mission One to check out.

  2. Hi, this is “McNasty”, aka Jeff from the Ogre forum that you replied to on my question about Ogre miniatures.
    I’d love to read some of your novels, where should I go to find them and what are the titles?

    1. Hi, and welcome onboard. Here are two links:

      The first takes you to my writing blog, where you can find stuff! Links to my books and blurbs and reviews etc.

      The second link is to my Amazon author page:

      My book are also available from KOBO:

      And, can be ordered from your favourite book store.