Monday 1 August 2016

Object 295 WIP

I was shocked to find that I started work on this model in June last year.  As readers may have noticed I've been putting up work in progress reports as I seem to have found my model making mojo again, which is a good thing.

Above is the current state of my Pokhodnaya Boyevaya Platforma or Object 295, which is less of a mouthful for my non-Russian speaking readers.  The picture shows how untidy and rough looking my models are as I work the paint to get the battle-worn finish I'm trying to achieve.

For those who are interested in techniques, what I do is paint solid colours on first then I apply Army Painter dark wash tone.  Then I paint what are effectively highlights with the original colours and apply Army Painter light wash tone.  To finish, I reapply a lightened version of each of the colours as a highlight.

Then it's a matter of picking out details, drybrushing silver on any metallic parts, and finally a coat of gloss varnish.  After that it's time for decals and then matt varnish to seal.


  1. Will you be picking out the rocket pack tips in a bright color or leaving them more muted to match the current scheme? Looks good and you're set to get some reinforcements for the commie bastards in a few weeks! :)

    1. Haven't made my mind up yet about the rocket pack tips. Possibly yellow, possibly not.

      I have Accos incoming, thousands of 'em. ;-)

    2. Good to hear! Quantity has a quality all its own after all in that neck of the woods. :)

  2. That's a mean looking little beastie! Nice!