Monday, 22 August 2016

Newten Town Grafitti 3

You can't actually see this graffiti as clearly as the pictures allows because I removed the facing building to take the shot.

Chopper and Attention in Russian graffiti.  Chopper, for those who don't read the 2000AD comic, was a character in the Judge Dredd strip who was renowned for putting his tag on the Justice Building in Mega City One.  Apparently, in my far future wargames setting, the 2000AD comic has inspired a new generation of street artists.

I got the inspiration for the Cyrillic from a picture of a warning sign for one of the forbidden Russian cities.  BTW Newten Town translates as Novyy gorod desyat'.

A picture with the blocking building in place. And the final shot showing where the Chopper graffiti resides.

The Scorpion is from my old BattleTech campaign and was Susan's mech ride, with the all important coffee maker custom addition to her machine's cockpit.  From working on revamping the graffiti on these building I've been motivated to take down the other six town boards that I started and plan to start working on them again.  I'll take a picture of them to show the work in progress soon.

Colour me excited with the impending arrival of my Heavy Gear Kickstarter package.


  1. Ah, the Scorpion. Always one of my favourites, with that range-agnostic combination of PPC and SRM-6, even if it was carefully designed to blow up as soon as it took an LT critical (nothing there except ammo). When I found its original in Dougram I was even happier. (But being inconsistent about whether it has four vs six legs in the same shot, well.)

    Graffiti between first and second floors is hard work. Someone was feeling dedicated.

    1. BTW: The six-legged Dougram mech was actually a different combat armour and it has a turret being a cross between the Goliath and Scorpion, which for some reason never made it into BattleTech.

    2. Well, if quad 'Mechs were allowed turrets, there would be no reason ever to take a biped. Looking at the Scorpion as deployed it's obvious you could stick the weapons in a turret, and this would be a much more sensible real-world fighting vehicle than pretty much any biped 'Mech.

      I agree it's not an exact copy, but Scorpion ← Blizzard Gunner and Goliath ← Crab Gunner seems pretty close to me.

    3. And finally Roger your post appears. For some reason it ended up in the spam, so I released it back where it should have gone in the first place.