Monday, 15 August 2016


I've been a bit busy entering archery competitions and winning a medal for my efforts.  Hurrah me!  However, here's a sneak look at the custom decals I received for my Heavy Gear miniatures that I showed here and here.

With these I will be able to finish my FAT-Cs.

Just in case it isn't obvious these are very tiny.  Now all I have to do is find some free time to spend applying said decals to my models.  Oh the laughter never stops in our household.


  1. In the cycling world, a jar of Marmite is the traditional scale measure. Not sure what it would be for wargaming. 2p piece, to be used as a base later?

    1. Damn you got me there. The bags are four by three inches.

  2. Since you're on your way to become a veritable Legolas, you could always use the decals for bulleye target practice if they don't work out on the minis. :)

    1. I'm afraid that I'm about as handy with a bow as your average halfling (despite being twice their height!). :) I'd probably have to aim at actual 1:1 scale buildings to ensure a hit.


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