Thursday, 19 February 2015

Republic of the Sphere

I noticed I had a bunch of pictures of my BattleTech miniatures that I've not posted for one reason or another.  So this post is one of several I'll be putting upto address this shortfall, because after all this is supposed to be a BattleTech blog.  Here are my two Republic of the Sphere mechs.  The first is a Anubis.

Hopefully you can see that the paint scheme was inspired by the MechWarrior Colossus class tripod. 


I was making my own sculpt of this, but Iron Wind Metals are now selling this, so perhaps I will buy theirs at some point and be done with mine.  So here's my unfinished Colossus class tripod for comparison.


Below is a Light Ray, and I have a Legacy and Wight both waiting for me to get around to giving them some love, but I've been busy with other stuff, and just forgotten about them with working on all the other stuff I've been doing.



  1. "Let's build a new republic! The true heirs of the Star League!"
    "But Devlin, that trick never works!"
    "This time for sure!"

    Nifty paint. I particularly like the lighter shading by the feet.

    1. Of all the factions I like the Republic most, they were a breath of fresh air. Not saying they were good people, just a breath of freshness.


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