Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I'm making up more combat armour for my Highlanders 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Company.  This is a WIP shot of my current Dream Pod 9 conversions of Heavy Gear Jagers into CASE-2X Dogs.  The picture shows some of the alternative weapon load-outs that the Dogs can carry.  These Dogs are going to numbered as being from Alpha Squad 4th Platoon.

From the glossary in my novel:
CASE-2X    Combat Armour System Environment Dash (Mark) 2 Extreme that is driven by its operator.  It can operate up to three days before needing to be refueled; see FM51-CASES and TO-2051-16-02-1U for further details.  Command variant CASE-2XC has enhanced C4 suite.

The combat armour on the left carries:
M21A8    A 20 mm recoilless gauss rifle with an eight round cassette magazine/powerpack.

While the combat armour on the right  carries the standard load-out I've shown before, but the addition of a shoulder mounted missile pack:
M41    The Global Dynamics M41 AC230 is a long-recoil auto-cannon that fires a 20 x 170 mm round with a range of 5 kilometres, and it has an inbuilt Mk 30 40 x 53 mm under-barrel grenade launcher effective out to 1 kilometre.  The M41 standard load-out is four-magazines each holding ten armour piercing tungsten-steel penetrators, and two-magazines each with ten High Explosive Air Burst (HEAB) warheads, and five rounds of High Velocity Canister Cartridge (HVCC) for the grenade launcher.

There's still a bit of what I call fuss work to get these ready for painting.  My workbench has three more models waiting for me to finish.

NB: Edited 25.03.15 to reflect changes in the background material & again 24.04.15 due to evolving definitions of weapon capabalities.


  1. Love the poses on these. Great work!

    1. Thank you for saying so. I have plans for some more involved cutting and re-posing on future models, but here I just wanted to get the basic configurations worked out. The mech on the right has had its left hand reposed. I chopped it off and turned it ninety degrees. I also sliced into the right arm elbow joint to change the angle and lift up the barrel of the auto-cannon. Very minor tweaks that make the models pop.

  2. Nice poses. Can you show a backside pic with the next update when you post about them? That looks to be one of the biggest changes (the lack of the easily recognizable V-Engine) and I'm curious what you've done under the hood there so to speak. :)

    1. Sure thing. It's just a small sleight of hand really. I turned the packs upside down.