Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend Photoshoot

Been a bit of a busy weekend for me as I went up to St. Albans Saturday morning to shoot a few photographs for Richard at TooFat Lardies for his forthcoming I Ain't Been Shot Mum 3. He says he is pleased with what I did, but for me the proof of the pudding will be seeing the end product etc.

For me the photo shoot was quite stressful, because it has been an awful long time since I've taken pictures on any sort of commission basis, and it was a lesson in how stress makes you forget things. However, in spite of all that I took 94 pictures in an hour and a half, which was all the time we had, because the hall was booked for use by another group.

Some are appallingly out of focus, and other have camera shake to die for, when one take 94 shots one is bound to get a few good ones. I just hope that I got enough good shots for Richard to be happy and able to proceed with producing the rules.

I've been looking at the manual and dummies guide I bought to refresh what I need to know to get the maximum out of my camera. Oh ye,s some very cropped teasers for your delight.


PS: I'm really excited by these rules and I don't even play WW2, but I can see I'll be using them for modern actions though.


  1. Ashley, the photos really look very good

  2. Ashley,
    Very nice photos indeed. I'm glad to see that you took some which evoke the spirit of the earlier photos Rich used for the books, without being direct copies. I'm specifically thinking of the two desert shots, but even the bottom one could be considered a late war version of the original rulebook cover.

  3. Not really down to me, Richard was the art director I was just the camera monkey, but thanks for the thought though.

  4. Your comment remind me a boss I has time ago. He always had greeeeeeaaaat ideas... but of course was totally unseless to implement those ideas in any effective way... Thank God I was always around

  5. Ashley, the photos look really excellent....clear, sharp and perfectly cropped. And with Rich hovering over your shoulder all the time, that's quite an achievement! Great stuff!

  6. Well, these are just partial glimpses at the whole composition, and I'm flattered that you think the crops look good. AS the old saying goes, you ain't seen nothing yet.

  7. Back in the film days a newsman told me at a sports event he would take about 36 rolls of film for 2 shots in the paper, so wastage is common I think. They look good to me.