Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mud and Blood British Tommy's

I bought a bunch of Pendraken 10mm WW1 British infantry, and I've been learning stuff about formations, uniforms and the development of tactics during the war, which went from 19th Century style of attacks and became what was the basis for modern 20th Century warfare.

Fascinating stuff to read, and it rather dispels the rather one sided lions led by donkeys myth, not that the general staff in any of the armies could be considered brilliant and mistakes that cost men their lives were repeatedly made by both sides, but without hindsight I can see that it was a steep learning curve for all the armies involved in the conflict. Not the first time it happened and it certainly won't be the last either.

Well I didn't exactly wake up today intending to paint my first 10mm Pendraken Late WW1 British infantry today, but I did. It was one of those one little thing leads into another, and before you know it you might as well finish the job that you were idling with situation. Anyway, combination of black base with white highlight drybrushing, followed by drybrushing and washing colours on top to get them done like this.

Only another three platoons worth to go and then I'll be able to start the Germans. Got tanks too, lots of tanks. I see fun times ahead.


  1. They look fantastic. I have a bunch 5mm dice I use for Bag the Hun which would be perfect to mark shock/casualties and so on.

    You've sold me on the idea, I'm off to the Pendraken web site right now.


    1. Thank you for the very kind comment. I am pleased with them, and they were very straight-forward to paint to this standard, which is always nice. I have always painted wargame figures for the table, rather than as pieces of model art work per se.

      I also have gotten the 10mm bug, and the scale actually makes me want to get other armies. For instance Spanish Civil War figures are promised by Pendraken, and I could even see myself doing Korea or Vietnam with their products too.

      A very rewarding purchase that has reignited my interest in painting figures again.

  2. Ashley

    They look good. What rules are you thinking of using. I recommend BKC they produce a good game and the command system is very good makes you feel like a real commander.


    1. Through the Mud and the Blood are the rules that I intend to use initially to play my WW1 actions. What is BKC, not heard of it?

  3. Nice paint-job. I look forward to seeing photos of them in action.

  4. These looks really fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing more on the battlefield.

  5. Any tips for painting 10mm British ?? What colours did you use etc ..

    1. I can't remember, which is not he answer that you are looking for I guess?

      What I can say is that it involved using earth brown and khaki with Devlan Mud wash. And I may have drybrushed sand over them at some point. I really should keep notes, but I'm one of these painters that just paints stuff until I'm happy with how it looks.



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