Wednesday, 20 January 2010

10 Days Later

Well it has been 10 days since the last post, and I really do have loads to write about, but not necessarily the time to do the topics, rants, or musings justice.

So this entry is kind of a note to myself...
I must write about Typhoon's 3 kinds of Battletech players, a draft has been sitting waiting for me to get around to finishing it for quite some time.

Brown Water Navies. I love them so much I built a set of riverine delta terrain boards after all.
More on terrain and trees.

A piece called Little Big Mechs, which was a combination of Battleforce and Battletech rules I wrote (back in the day) that used miniatures too. Needs a lot of updating to fit in with the current rules, as otherwise it is very much a historical piece.

Something on OSR, which I'm interpreting as Old School Retread!
More miniature stuff, but I'm going to have a rethink about what I write to support the pictures? Anything else I can think of?

Commenting on stuff I've read on the blogs that I follow. Which is well interesting, and thought provoking stuff that wets the creative juices. For instance Rocketpunk's manifesto "Space Warfare Could everything we know be wrong?". Or, ScrapYard Armoury's "Chaos Campaign: Mechwarrior Conversion". And I really must find the time to post a comment or two on The Battletech Reader blog, a must for fans of Battletech TROs. I mustn't forget to also write about the New hardback editions of Battletech, inspired by "Rules I like" that appeared on Wargaming for Grown-ups.

After that find time to check out all my followers blogs, make comments, and still do my 9-to-5 job, spend time with my partner (who is injured as we speak), paint miniatures etc., etc. No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late...



  1. ahahah the mad scientist like what he has read so far...

  2. Well it is all part of my plan to... well whatever, it is a part of a plan!


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