Thursday, 31 December 2009

Five Hours of Fun


Tuesday was spent painting figures, though not for me, but for Oliver. Oliver is my friend Trevor's son who I bought Warhammer 40K for his Xmas present, when I took him to the SELWG wargame show.

Trevor used to play D&D when younger, and like a lot of players fell out of gaming with family and work commitments. I'm hoping that he will rediscover his passion for gaming now that his son is starting to get interested.

Anyway, I promised Oliver that I would teach him and his dad how to paint figures.

So, they came over Tuesday and we spent five hours painting on the dining room table listening to film sound tracks. My new Lord of the Rings three volume film soundtrack, followed by a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean to energise us during the last hour.

Result some new space marines painted, and a bunch of orcs started. Much fun was had, and Oliver's parents were amazed that I had kept him siting still painting for five hours.



  1. This is great. What a wonderful way to get someone back into gaming.

    I've noticed that a lot of people tend to fall out when they get older and commitments start to bog them down. But the people I know with kids almost always want to be able to spend more time with them, and this type of hobby is simply a wonderful idea.

  2. Trevor is also a Scout leader and so there may be the opportunity for further painting classes.

  3. Agreed that is a great idea. I put down wargaming years ago only to find a new freind who's into it and and old friend with a lot of orks.

    Ironically I haven't painted much in 5-6 years and yet I can do much better then I ever did back then.

    Next step, you could teach them basing. I crashed coursed that since I found...issues with Blackreach that prompted me to get into being all fancy about it heh.

  4. I shall suggest to Trevor that not only should they have a painting night, but also a gaming night, which can be an introduction to wargaming.