Sunday, 3 January 2010

Not Only but Also

Yesterday was a full on eight hour painting fest. Besides the WW1 British Tommy's I posted, I also managed to finish off 23 plastic mechs, which I'm calling the Rough & Ready Battalion, as I will use them for pick up demo games of
BattleTech. They were primed black, dry brushed white and then random panels were painted in colours associated with the five Houses of the Inner Sphere. Here they are to enjoy. 



  1. Those look good, Pink, and they are similar to what I would do under the same circumstances. Can quick pick-up games be far behind?

  2. Hopefully not. I'll let you all know in due course.

  3. That is brilliant! I need to get more of those plastic models - too bad you have to buy the whole box set to get the minis.

  4. Man alive, I can't believe how long it took me to notice you had a few 5-'Mech lances! :-D

  5. Only five mechs so that I can switch out one or two as needed to give variety.

  6. Just an update. As I've been busily painting away over the last couple of years these mechs are no longer in use by me. So I've decided to hand them on to another person, a young woman who is the daughter of a close friend of mine, who I don't see often enough.

    To me this will be something I hope she will enjoy having, and I'm sure Dad will be pleased too.


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