Tuesday 14 March 2023


Finally, a platoon of exoskeleton power armour infantry mostly done and dusted, just needing a coat of matt varnish before deploying them for a game. This expands the original six I showed here so, I now have 22 infantry and 12 combat droids to make up a full platoon.

Extra pic from above.

MARPACE stands for Marine Power Armor Combat Enhancement suit.

With the platoon of insurgents shown here I have enough figures to start play-testing the rules I've been working on.

But, in my inimitable manner that few other wargamers fall into, I've gone and taken a step back with two of my mech conversions.

I wasn't happy with the aesthetics of what I thought of as the twin comm booms on the commanders version I'd built. Also, I wanted to bring the first Marine Dog suit up to the new spec with ball joints for the arms to allow for better posing.

The white stuff is foam padding to prevent me damaging both models while drilling and filing them.

Or at least minimize damage so I don't have to do a full repaint on them.

It is what it is.


  1. Thank you. Took a lot of work, which I guess goes without saying, but I said it anyway. It almost took longer to figure out how to base them and how many figures on each base etc. I suspect I'm far too fussy about the details for my own good.

  2. Those are great- lookling forward to seeing the results of your playtesting.



  3. I love the whole "we've painted the carapace armour to match the theatre, but we're still going to war in the jungle undersuits" vibe to the models.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. I stole the scheme from the USMC, sans digital pattern that is.