Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Insurgents: First Batch

My intention was just to re-base these AK47 Peter Pig miniatures to my preferred basing style. I originally painted them back in 2010. My, how time flies. You can see here the old post here. Above is a shot showing the assorted wounded and dead counters.

However, after re-basing them I looked at the paint job and thought I can tart these up a bit.

And lo and behold, I took them to the next level. So here are some close-ups of the first two sections of my insurgent militia platoon.

Still need to varnish them, and afterwards I shall apply some grass tufts to their bases, but otherwise I'm calling these done. Now to start painting the mortar squad and the gunstriders.

Back in 2010, one of the reasons that I got stuck and never completed my AK47 Republic armies was the basing, which is one of those topics that requires a post all of its own, which I will no doubt come back to later when I talk more about the rules I'm working on.


  1. Nice work! That's alot of detail painted on such small figs.

    1. The sculpts help. Peter Pig figures have plenty of depth, and character.

  2. Those look really great.



    1. Thank you. I'm well chuffed with how they turned out. It has restored some confidence in my painting, as in consolidating the new stuff I've learnt over the last year with the old 'get things done' when it comes to turning out a platoon.