Saturday 27 November 2021

OMWB: Something New, Something Old


This last week I have been busy writing Big Little Wars. Roaring along with 3,250 new words added to the running total of 28,456 words. But still a fair bit to do.

The Scenarios are the next big job ahead of me.

Meanwhile, lurking on my workbench is an ABS filament print of a Bob Semple WW2 tank that I'm making into an insurgent improvised armoured fighting vehicle. Wants to be a tank when it grows up. Not happy with it yet, but I will prevail.

I bought some liquid Green Stuff to smooth out the printing ridges. After that, I'll tart up the barrel and maybe add a TOW missile or some thing to jazz up the model.

And adjacent is my long overdue armored exoskeleton suited infantry project.

Spent a long time procrastinating on how I wanted to base them, and another long period of neglect as I painted other models. But they are nearly finished. In the home stretch with one more glaze and some some drybrushing to finish these.

So that's all until next time. Catch you all on the bounce.


  1. Cool! I really like the concept of Exo-Inf as a precursor to fully armoured powered infantry.
    I'm surprised there aren't more model options out there after the inspiration of "Edge of Tomorrow"

    1. As the rules stand, power armor infantry would only appear at command level 4, which in Big Little Wars is the next level up, and classed as alien Clarke Tech.

      What the rules offer is combat armor, think Hulk Buster suit size'ish. Which for all intents and purposes acts as large power armor.

      Hope that doesn't disappoint?