Saturday, 11 July 2020

Retrospective Musings on Past Choices

Newly finished Takara 1/144th VOTOMS: Blood Sucker, Strike and standard Scope dogs.

A little while back, I was asked on a friend's blog, when did I find out about Heavy Gear, and decide to get into it? It's a good question, which I briefly answered with a comment on his blog, but thought worth expanding with a post here.

The inevitable slide began by rewatching the Pailsen Files.

GZG 6mm Hound Dogs with some minor conversions.

That was back in 2012.

I wanted, I bought some GZG "Hound Dogs," which were great for the type of action the Pailsen Files inspired me to want to play, but too small for my eyesight to cope with on the tabletop.

Then I found some Takara 1/144th plastic VOTOMS on eBay. Eureka!

All the Takara 1/144th VOTOMS I've managed to finish painting so far (I have more to do).

My original plan was to paint the Takara models in a scheme inspired by the British Berlin Brigade. But, after painting two, I found the time and effort it took to do so, sucked all the joy out of the project.

Besides that, when I started looking for more, I sadly found they were no longer generally available.

Blood Sucker front and back.

Unable to get  enough models for two sides, I began searching for mecha compatible with the Takara range, and discovered Dream Pod 9s Heavy Gear range.

Inevitably, all my Takara minis got put to one side, unloved until now.

Strike Dog front and back, version on left a conversion.

And that is the sad, sad story of how after many years of painting 6mm mecha I got sucked into the plastic Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear KickStarter.

And thus, my future journey on the road to 15mm mecha was sealed.
Scopedog variants front and back.

But my beloved recently bought me a wet palette. So, I wanted to practice on something easy to paint.

Looking around, I remembered my Takara 1/144th mechs, and decided to do them up in the classic two-tone scheme from the Armored Trooper VOTOMS show.

I might even get around to painting the Beetles and remaining Dogs in due course too.

That is it for now, catch you all on the bounce.


  1. Nice recap. I think I see some HG bits in there as well. Have you used them on the tabletop in any way yet?

    1. I used a bazooka from the current DP9 range for one conversion, though on reflection I think adding some ammo mags to the rear would've improved the look (as in look more like the Rabid Dog VOTOMS variant.