Tuesday, 9 October 2012

VOTOMS in 6mm


Been painting and finished off my GZG Hound Dogs. Five basic poses and weapon variants for each squad.

Cruel enlargements as follows:

I'm tempted to now add the red, green and blue lens colours to each before I varnish these.  The bigger ones I have are turning out harder to paint than I thought, as I can't quite get the green to look right.

Yes, I did go away and paint on the lens on these after seeing the pictures on here without this detail I thought the models looked bare. Of course they looked perfectly fine, but enlarging pictures just shows up all the deficits in one's painting. Be kind these are incredibly tiny models. Remember they are standing on one penny bases.


  1. I am really enjoing these litle conversions of yours, did you scrachbuild the weapons or did you get them somewhere else?
    Also, I don't know if you know this site but I thought you might find it interesting

    1. I've been to that sit, it's very good, and I even saved off the pages onto my hard drive.

      The weapons are a conversions from parts I had lying around in my bits box. Though a couple are scratchbuilt from Milliput So for instance, the rifle on Chirico's special is a combination of the GZG rifle back end, a new microbore tube for the barrel and a Milliput magazine I made up for the model. The boxy missile launchers are again Milliput with holes drilled in them to represent the tubes. Fyana's brutish Dog weapon is a bit I had grafted onto the front of the standard model etc.

      It was a lot of fun doing these. I will have to get some Ballarant Fatties now.

  2. I love the RGB lenses! Was that part of the VOTOMS universe or was it your innovation? Reminds me of those scanners in the George Pal War of the Worlds movie.

    1. It's part of the VOTOMS universe. In the shows they lenses rotate according to the need of the pilot and what he is focusing on.

    2. these look very cool, and the paint job is first rate.

  3. Hi Ashley, I was looking for some votoms minis for a skirmish game and thanks to your posts on TMP, I was able to get a hold of these lil' gems!

    Anyway, I was able to paint 14 official models from the votoms universe from the 5 GZG models. Most of them require just slight additions; only the Diving Beetle does not have an official variant.

    Hope others will also benefit from your post like I did. Thanks again! :)

    1. My pleasure. At some point, when he has time, Jon has got some variants I made to make a mould with. Keep asking him when they will be available, to encourage him to get them done.


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