Monday, 20 July 2020

Mecha Suit Size Comparisons

This is how Dream Pod 9 Gears compare with Takara 1/144th scale VOTOMS. They're pretty similar height, but the Gears are bulkier, which is probably down to being cast in metal.

The Dream Pod 9 models are really nice, and relatively easily customized allowing one to tweak the pose.

With my camera out, I took the opportunity to take a bunch of pictures of my collection of my miniatures from GZG, Dream Pod 9, and RAFM mecha suits.

Everything I've recently painted with a RAFM Gear for comparison and Object 295.


  1. While I obviously have alot of personal nostalgia for the RAFM scale, when you put them side by side then I think my favorite is surprisingly the VOTOM scale in the middle picture.

    1. They are the one true source, sort of, and the designs are iconic of the real robo aesthetic.