Tuesday 3 March 2020

WIP 1: Keith & Pearson's CA Suits:


I've started on the next two RAFM Heavy Gear conversions.

To the left is Corpsman Keith's Dog (Dispersed Operation and Guidance System), CASE-2X-M (Combat Armor Suit Environment Dash Mark 2 eXtreme, with Medical back pack).

On the right is Sergeant Pearson's Ape: Autonomous Pilot Expert (system), CAS-1-Mod-3EV (Combat Armour System Dash Mark 1 Dash Model 3 Engineering Variant).

Pearson's suit is in my next novel, Two Moons, which currently runs in at 34,000 words.

Keith's suit will appear in Red Dogs, which is some way off in the future, but I like to visualize what the main characters use for my stories as it helps me think up cool scenes of them doing exciting stuff.


  1. Looking forward to seeing them assembled. I like the v-engine modifications.