Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Espera's Ape Suit WIP

Finally got around to finishing off the conversion for the recoilless rifle for Espera's CAS-3-Mod 1 Ape combat armour suit. The delay being down to Real Life stuff, some of it health related that just got in the way of doing stuff.

Side view above, and rear view showing the inverted Heavy Gear engine packs.

Still the most pleasing part of this conversion is the M134 minigun on the arm. Labour of love to make that. Now all I have to do now is repaint the model. Easier said than done.


  1. I like the minimum as well. The rotary magazine on the back of the bazooka is a nice touch too. I might have to borrow that someday. Hope you feel better as well.

    1. Cheers, feel free to steal away. I've had a blood test, and I've managed – after a lot of faffing – to get an appointment in a couple of weeks time. I see medication in my future, but that's life.

  2. I'm not trying to minimize whatever you're going through but if you've managed to stay medication free until now then you've been taking very good care of yourself! :) Also, it was supposed to say minigun and not minimum above. Another auto-"correct" fail that I missed again.

  3. Thanks for the support. There are days when the pain has been a bit of a thing. Not long to go now until I see the doctor.

    PS: don't worry I understood the minimum meant minigun. :-)