Friday, 13 July 2018

Back From Hols

Interesting map seen at a brocante (boot sale), which caught my eye.

We were lucky again to be invited to visit our friends in the south of France. And I can only say how grateful we were for their generosity in putting us up and taking us out for meals. We had a lovely time.

Temperature ran up to 36 degree centigrade, which for my American friends translates to 96.8 in Fahrenheit. So for many of my friends in America, a tad cool. But for a British Rose, hot enough. We swam in the swimming pool, which was the maximum extent of any exercise.

And at the same brocante I saw this old tinplate Hornby train set. Who would've thought.

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  1. Welcome back! I'd say 96 F counts as hot regardless of the continent even at rest! :) Especially once you factor in humidity. I will say that it was very bearable though in the Southwest US in the desert with humidity down in the teens though as long as you kept your nose/mouth moist.