Wednesday, 1 August 2018

CAS-1-Mod 3C

This is the command variant of Army Ape combat armour suit. Yes, I am that obsessive about building all the different variants of the combat armour suits that appear in my novels. What can I say?


Above shows the rear, while the picture below shows a side view of  main armament, which in this case is meant to be a Browning fifty cal.

I'm still working on the third version of this suit.


  1. I like all the bits and bobs added. It fills out the model without it crossing the line and being too busy. I went to my local store's seasonal swap meet and someone had a bunch of RAFM HG minis in bad shape. Despite not touching my own ones since the middle (?) of last year, I couldn't resist. In my defense, I only wanted to buy one (a kodiak) as part of a bundle with some 40k figs but he tossed in the rest for free. Hopefully he doesn't own more as I've heard the saying from drug dealers is that only the first hit is free... ! :)

    1. Left pauldron looks like a bit of a shot trap… :)

      I've recently been thinking about Gaslands - as Osprey isn't choosing to become a miniatures company, there are no official minis and no plans to launch any, so people are getting very creative in making their own based on distressing toy cars. Of course that's post-apocalyptic so one doesn't expect to have a bunch of units all the same…

  2. Now, if only I had someone who was into making mech miniatures like me, and a set of rules we could agree to play.

    1. Yup, I'm quite familiar with that lament.


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