Friday, 14 April 2017

Mammoth WIP

So this is what my recently acquired Mammoth looks like when stripped back to bare metal.

I'm missing one of the small rotary cannon and the foot-pad, both of which will have to have replacements fabricated.  The large rotary cannon is a lovely example of a well sculpted/made master.  Whoever made the masters for the RAFM Heavy Gear line deserves praise for doing some very nice work.

I have one question though, I've seen this model with one missile arm and one gun arm, but mine has two gun arms.  Do I need to rebuild one into a missile version?


  1. Yes, you need to find someone who's prepared to design and fabricate custom parts for you.

    Gosh, where would you find someone like that?


    1. We'll talk at the BBQ. I'm not sure I need your high level input for what to me looks like straightforward pieces. Now, engine back-packs, then we'd be talking.

  2. FWIW, the back of the box (still sealed) lists only 15 parts total for the kit. Center/R/L hull, 2x shoulders, 2x cannons, lower torso, 2x lower legs, 2x feet, turret, 2x machineguns. I don't recall the rafm version ever having anything other than the arm weapons you have. If you want a probably compatible part, I'd recommend looking into plastic 40k dreadnought power fist arms as they were last I checked (admittedly a few years ago) dirt cheap on the ebay bits market and if memory serves a decent size fit.

    1. Cheers for checking that for me.

  3. IIRC RAFM made two versions of the Mammoth, the difference was the weapons. One was called the Assault Mammoth.


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