Thursday, 20 April 2017

On My Workbench WIP

Just a picture to show people that I am working on painting and making stuff and not just buying all the shiny off eBay that I can find.

As you can see the Visigoth tank from here has been primed and now has a coat of paint.  The three RAFM Gears are slowly being painted, while in front of them are the Dream Pod 9 Gears that I went back and slightly modified, setting back their completion.

In front are two unpainted Gears that I now have the parts to complete so they can be primed, and in centre place is my stripped and being rebuilt custom Ogre that is going to be made up as a Pan European Federation Vulcan.  Below is a close-up of my revised autocannon model for my Bad Dog Universe setting, the original long version can be seen here.

Close-up shots are brutal for showing defects.


  1. These little adjustments are absolutely genius and make the Guns look more appropriate.
    You still got a long road ahead, but this WIP is a great start.

  2. Are those the Desert Shark box hunters? They're looking good in that scale.

    1. No, the unpainted ones my Ape suits for the American Army in my Bad Dog setting: Based on a Hunter figure with a Jaguar body, Hunter command head and gribbly-detail parts to represent machine guns and communications equipment. The ones being painted are Dogs, which are American Marine combat armour suits based on Jagers with Mamba bodies.

    2. While those also look nice, I was referring to the three Rafm scale base coated gears in the back row.

    3. If you click on the picture you will be able to see that they're Northern Guard: two Hunters and one Jaguar.

  3. Love the colours on those models, Ashley.
    Yeah, close up shots are brutal, but they also show how much work you are doing to mod your figs so well done, you.