Thursday 21 July 2016

Newten Town Grafitti 1

I wanted to update the graffiti on a couple of buildings and add some contrasting colours to the exteriors of a couple of buildings I have had sitting around waiting for me to get my fingers out.

I have two identical buildings like the one above, and I managed to paint the exterior walls blue on the wrong set of walls on one set of floors.  Unfortunately, while the buildings are the same the floors from one will not fit the base of the other.  I had even painted the interior walls with different colours to indicate this, but managed to forget this salient fact in my flurry of enthusiasm to get the buildings off the workbench.

So I ended up having to repaint the end walls grey, and I took the opportunity to run a drawing pen around the grafitti to make it look sharper.  The slogan is from the Japanese show Fang of the Sun Dougram, Taiyō no Kiba Daguramu.  The lead hero mech, Daguramu, became the basis for BattleTech's Shadowhawk mech, and for those who are in trivia, this was Natasha Kerensky's original ride.

Look at the detail looking through the gap and across the building to the other side.

The close-up shows the depth of field that I can get using the auto focus bracketing feature on my camera, and it opens up whole swathes of ideas for interesting pictures that would be otherwise impossible to take.

This is the front of the building, and yes my Shadowhawk's shoulder mounted autocannon swivels.  When I finish the grafitti on the other building I will post a picture on the blog and link back so you can compare the difference a small change of colour to the exterior can make to the feel of a building.

This and my other buildings are part of my Newten Town project, which I started here and last commented on here.


  1. Terrain looks good and I think the drawing pen helps. I bought a bunch of those to try edge/panel black lining on robotech models but they didn't work well for me unlike in the inspiration (a youtube video). The sudden focus on graffiti makes me wonder if you'll start listening to loud screaming music and change your profile pic to one with a foot tall pink mohawk. :)

    1. Hey, the last new band I started buying discs for, I know how retro of me, was Garbage, lead singer Shirley Manson who of course was one of the Terminators in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

      BTW: black panel lining trick you might want to experiment with. Get some matt black enamel and white spirits: brush white spirit into panel lines, touch edge with black enamel using a brush. Clean any excess with clean brush dipped in white spirits or gently polish with damp cloth as model is drying. Can be very effective when done well.

      The black will drawn into the pre-wetted panel lines, and because it's enamel over acrylic you won't mar the finish.

    2. Thanks, I'll have to try that. Also, I was a big fan of Garbage back in the day and saw them several times in concert during the mid 90's as part of my alternative/grunge/rock music phase (which was after eurodance and pre-country music). :)

  2. Thats some cracking terrain there Ashley - the graffiti looks excellent in this and the last post.
    The building in particular is brilliant - looks like some sort of big Government building, or maybe the Department store from Enemy at the Gates :-)

    I have long wanted to build a 6mm ruined city terrain and have always been stumped at how to get the right balance of realism and detritus while keeping it usable for gaming. If/When ever I get back into 6mm SF gaming I might finally get around to it!

    1. The building was from a historical Fieldworks WW2 range inspired by Stalingrad.