Friday, 1 July 2016

House Kurita: Work in Progress


My Kurita force is very much a work in progress, though the same could be said of all my battlemech forces, but I at least can field a lance or two for the other factions.  All of these have had some modifications made to them, ranging from quite minor to more ambitious work (some have commented that it takes guts to cut apart classic Unseens and repose them, but to me they're just my mechs).

The mechs above are missing a Phoenix Hawk and Archer, which I have not yet finished assembling , and my plan is to have three lances of four mechs with the Wasps and Stingers from the picture below to make up a traditional twelve mech company.

I haven't managed to put the base-coat of yellow on all of these, but the WW1 inspired jigsaw pattern camo scheme seems to look OK on the four light mechs I started working on.  I have  Phoenix Hawk LAM to assemble too.  My thoughts at the moment are that the LAMs will make a long range reconnaissance lance, and in addition I have a resin MAC Monster to assemble to finish my House Kurita force.

As per my current photography practice both of these pictures are focus stacks from twenty-five individual pictures using my 14-42 zoom (ISO 200, F8 at 1/6th of a second).


  1. If you don't have enough Unseen from the glory days to fill out the ranks, you can usually find Robotech RPG Tactics minis on sale somewhere online once a season(at least in the US) for 50% off if you're willing to wait. Other than the super valkyrie model (top pic, 2nd from the left), they're all out now.

    1. I still have unseen squirreled away, some still in their blue packets: none in the older orange, because I opened all of them a long time ago.

  2. I love dazzle schemes. They are fun to paint, look great on the table, and seem to be a more practical sort of camouflage for giant stompy robots.

    1. Me too, and they fit with the retro-future vibe of the background too.

      BTW: How are you doing?


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