Thursday, 28 July 2016

Newten Town Grafitti 2

As I said, I have two of these rather impressive 12mm scale building that were bought from Fieldworks, but are no longer made: they seem to have stopped doing 10/12mm building altogether.  Click here to compare the blue walls versus the grey from the other building.

The reverse of the two building that in my imagination is some sort of hospital, which was why I used blue for the trim because it's the colour an NHS Trust I worked for in the past used.

With the aforesaid Bewlay brothers, in their awesome Urban mechs, striking terror into the powers that be of the planet Mummerset, which was the setting of my Operation Sandbox BattleTech campaign.


  1. These look great, they look both a bit ancient and battle-damaged.
    Very cool ruins.

    1. Really must put the decals on the two Urban mechs though.

  2. Seen on a wall in Sodankylä, in northern Finland some 80ish miles from the Russian border: PIN DROPS LIKE PUNGENT ODOR.

    1. In English!? Any chance you took a picture?

    2. Yes, in English. Afraid not; I was driving and Chris didn't have the camera handy.


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