Monday, 9 May 2016

An Update

I had planned on doing a late May the Fourth post last week but...

I meant to post a piece last week but on Friday I started having problems saving off some pictures I had processed and was unable to compile the image stack.  So, it wasn't until Saturday morning, after leaving said images to be processed on the computer overnight that I realized what the problem was.  I'd run out of space on my hard drive, which given I have 500GBs came as a bit of a shock.

However, the problem was that I had been saving images off onto my smaller partition, which I keep for my work, rather than the random stuff I decide to download off the net.

Given that each RAW file is approximately 16 MBs and each process TIFF file is 48MBs, and a stack consists of 25 images you can see how a partition might fill up.  I also realized that saving off the process TIFF images was taking up too much storage space.  So Sunday I spent the majority of the day reorganizing my hard drive, deleting extraneous TIFF files and doing a complete new back-up of my system.

Normal service will now be resumed.


  1. :-) photos take up a lot of space. I currently have two ext. hard drives.

    1. I have a 1TB external hard drive, and use a USB stick for Scrivener files so I thought I was ahead of the curve. My new Olympus OMD E-M5MarkII has taught me otherwise.

      What's also worry is that Firefox crashed and I duly sent in a report and got the message back that from August all older versions of Mac OSX will no linger be supported, which includes 10.7.5 Lion that I just upgraded to. I remember the last time this happened I ended up getting the Mac Mini that I now run and I can see that a new computer lies in my future.

      The question is should I get another Mac Mini or the Mac Pro: the first is expensive, the latter costs an arm and leg plus you need to sell off a kidney too. The question being would I benefit from the Mac Pro given the amount of image processing I'm doing?

      My purse say the Mac Mini will do, my partner is not so sure.

    2. These days, memory is quite important. I don't know current Mac specs, but I suspect you'd be wanting 12-16GB for serious image editing. Insufficient CPU just makes things take longer; insufficient memory leads to swapping and crashing.

    3. Currently I'm working with 2GB, it's all my Mac Mini takes, but the new top of the line Mac Mini can take 16GBs, which sounds like enough to me. Thanks for the advice, most welcome.


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