Thursday, 21 April 2016

North American Combine Infantry WIP

I took some shots of my Combine infantry that I need to finish.  The above image used my E-M5MkII focus bracketing feature, which meant the camera took 25 pictures starting at the front and moving back adjusting the focus point.  Clever huh?

A close up of my work in progress, which made me want to finish them off.  So guess what I've been doing?

Extreme close-up of the three man squad: 8mm tall don't forget.

Likewise the two man squad.

And lastly the single figure representing a six man squad in the game.  These pictures are all full size crops from original image: as in no zooming in; the picture I took was really that big.


  1. Very nice on all counts - painting. pics... Now the big question - when do they see the game table?

    1. Don't ask, don't tell. ;-)

      Seriously, as soon as I can finish them.

  2. Wooow.

    And I keep forgetting how much I enjoy this candy-colored paint scheme. Has it got a name?

    1. Thank you, so kind of you to say so. Scheme is inspired from German WW2 Ambush camo.