Thursday 9 July 2015

Painting: Reflections on Progress

Here is a nice picture of my original Pink Panther battlemechs that I painted back around 1990.  This is the full shot of the blog's motto picture; Gotta Fight? Bring a mech. Bring lots of mechs...  Hard to believe now, but back then I actually won first prize in a painting competition at the Colours Wargame show in Reading when it used to be held in the Hexagon centre.  I post this as a reminder not to think too highly of one's own work, but also because painting models, and taking pictures of them is a journey in its own right.

Back here I talked about getting a new camera.  Itself a journey from my beloved Pentax MX 35mm film camera to using a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1 digital camera, and then to acquiring my current Panasonic Lumix DMC GF1, which is a micro four thirds format SLR (single lens reflex).  Since first getting this camera I've been very lucky to have been given an Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro lens.

The following photographs on the left were taken with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1, while the ones on the right were taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC GF1.

Not only has the quality of the picture improved, but the painting too, largely driven by seeing the pictures of my work.

At one point I had this crazy idea to repaint all my Pink Panther mechs, and add decals to make them pop more.  I did these three mechs, and even painted a couple of new Bushmen up, but then the project ran out of steam.  For the usual reasons; lack of motivation.

Still, looking at these pictures of before and after I'm inclined to think that in the long run I may come back and finish repainting the rest of the mech company, after all it's only a dozen models.  I'd have more motivation if I were playing BattleTech.  Still mustn't grumble, but rather try to play more games.

Besides that I have some ideas about writing up how I now take pictures to improve my model making, which may mean I will end up finishing this project off or not.  Whatever happens I will have me some fun...


  1. Well, painting styles in general have changed since 1990. Jewelling, layering, washes, etc. Those seemed to be in their infancy back then. Heck, I remember using Testor's oil-based paints on D&D minis in teh 80s!

    1. You me both, though Humbrol enamels rather than Testors. Saying that I still use Humbrol enamels for priming and metallics.

  2. I think we all started with the basic model paints (with what ever was readily available) . When I look at my older stuff compared to my later work I wonder what I was thinking! Ashley I know you've got 12 Mechs in you...come on girl, would as always love to see your work....we all need the inspiration from time to time.......)

  3. where on earth did you score a Bushman mini?? Fang of the Sun goodness!

    1. The one in the picture above is a conversion of a BattleTech Griffin. However if you go here you can see my Bushman gashapons:

      In this case eBay is your friend.

      Search for Dougram trading figures.