Monday 27 July 2015

PetMen HOS

These figures are 15mm tall models on 25mm bases, and picture is a focus stack.

Well I had a bit of a weekend, as in nothing seemed to go right with my painting.  First off my Russian walker mech has turned into one of those faffing hell projects.  You know the ones I mean, where you take two steps forward and one step back.  So it's still not finished.  Then I hit a problem with my combat armour suits I'm painting up to match the two I've already done.  Let's just say that I was cursing the lack of opacity in my new chosen green.

Anyway, I managed to finish these.  Six bases of PetMen that are Dream Pod 9s GRELs that are all left handed, which really bugs the hell out of me.  This picture is going off for the TFL 2015 painting challenge, which is the first time I've had anything to submit for three months.


  1. Looks good. Is there any significance in the rules of putting them two to a base or is that just a visual choice?

    1. To quote a USMC adage, two is one, and one is none. Smallest base of fire one can form.

      If I ever decide to write my own rules then pairs of infantry and vehicles will be the smallest formation. While I don't base combat armour or vehicle on bases together I think operating in pairs makes sense. For infantry and their equivalents then basing a pair together just makes moving them around the table easier.

    2. Is that a limit of visual hardware (so could be fixed by a compressed image) or of cognition? I.e. does it potentially make a sensible differentiator between forces?

    3. Game mechanism for the lowest level of tactical formation, rather than force organization indicator.

  2. Ok, thanks for the quick reply!