Friday, 17 July 2015

CASE-2X Portraits

This was going to be a post about taking pictures, and how to up you game, but my game is so good that even when trying to show the problems I failed to produce pictures that were significantly lacking in depth of field.  As a result I went off and had another go and producing the images I needed and found I had written the basics for a short article.  I talked to Henry Hyde and he said go for it, so rather than appearing here my article on upping one's photographic game will be sent to Miniature Wargames & Battlegames magazine.

So what you see here instead are some nice portrait shots of my Bad Dog CASE-2X mecha on a piece of my terrain.  And the first close-up is of Lt Tachikoma's CASE-2XC.

And below is the close-up is of LCpl Kowalski's CASE-2X.

Before I finish I just want to show you all a side-by-side comparison of two shots.  The one on the left is a single frame, and the one on the right is made from a stack of images.  One can just about tell the difference in the quality between the two methods of taking a picture.  You'll all have to trust me when I say the image on the right is sharper.

This really is a case of one can't see the difference unless one is looking at the hi-res images on one's monitor, and know what you're looking at, because I'm reaching the pixel resolution of my screen.


  1. Splendid colors and great details!

    1. Thank you for saying so. It only goes to show that taking a photo against a nice background can also do wonders for one's work.

  2. Durn, you're going to get me to buy the magazine at this rate. I admit I find the pink antenna a bit odd Taking multiple shots and compositing? I'm surprised that's worth doing, but the effect is certainly noticeable at high resolution…

    1. Not pink, it's red, but it only goes to show that monitors change colours.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you fr saying so John. I had my doubts, and this is a difficult colour combination to pull off, but what's life without some challenges?

  4. While it isn't obvious with a casual glance IMO, the image on the right is sharper with a closer purposeful look. In any case, the minis look nice in both.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. Matching the colours on the next six I have on my workbench is proving to be harder than I imagined.


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