Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dragonmeet 2013

My second year at Dragonmeet as a MiB demoing Ogre, with an example of the 6th Designer Edition to show on display to overwhelm all those who passed the tables with its sweet Ogre goodness, and by sweet I mean wicked awesome contents.

I arrive toting my box of lead miniatres only to find that the new Ogre box weighs more than my collection of metal miniatures.  How extreme is that?  Totally extreme.  Roger had set up the orange map and I put out a force with three each of the GEVs, missile tanks and heavy tanks with one howitzer and command post and eighteen infantry for the demo games (I handicapped myself to make it easier for the new players to win, as last year I found it was too easy for me to walk all over the Ogre).

I was pretty much nailed to the chair throughout the day, apart from the necessary toilet breaks and going to get a coffee and a sandwich at lunch.  Didn't really get to look around the show as I was having way too much fun playing Ogre.  Roger spelled me for one game and I ran the rest during the course of the day.  All but one of the players I demoed the game achieved victory, with ironically the most experienced gamer losing to me, which was the only game I won, which I thought was a good outcome.

The highlight game was taken the two young lads who had played in a game with their father/uncle and treating them to a Mark 3 cybertank each and upping the defenders accordingly and letting them have at it.  They had to stop before finishing the game as they had to go off, but they were well on the way to winning and they appeared to have a good time.



  1. Awesome that you're introducing new players to the game! I had a chance to test-drive the Designer's Edition at my friendly local game store on Saturday. I had a great time helping defend (unsuccessfully) two CPs against two Mk IIIs, and I even got a copy of the OGRE pocket edition as swag.

    1. Well done on getting the pocket edition. I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game too. Defending against two Mark 3s is a difficult thing to do even when you are an experienced player, because of the ability of the attackers to divide and conquer.

      As an old time player it warms the cockles of my heart and makes me feel glad to see new players being introduced to ogre for the first time. It's one of those games that has survived the test of time.

  2. Those colours have come out very lush -- more than I remember them being on the table. Probably the lighting makes a huge difference. Lovely!

    I'm pretty sure that guy said he was their uncle.

    I think this may have been the session where the game finally clicked for me, and I was able to visualise the movement and engagement envelopes on the map.

    1. I clarified with him that one was his nephew, the other was his son.

  3. Beautiful pictures: generous depth-of-field, and nicely-done low-lighting of the gamers' hands etc. in the background. The third and final may be the best warming pic I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot, in 45 years of gaming!)

    1. I'll pass this on to the photographer, Susan, who will be most flattered at your kind comments. I was far too busy rolling dice and explaining the combat turn-by-turn to have anytime to take pictures.


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