Monday, 14 October 2013

SELWG 2013: Crystal Palace


It was that time of the year for me to go again and visit Crystal Palace, a grade two listed building, and take my friend Trevor and his son Oliver to SELWG on what turned out to be a rather wet day.  As you can see Oliver is now taller than his dad.  We bumped into Graham as we entered the show and had a natter, as one does, before diving in and see what the show had to offer this year.

The first game that caught my eye was this very nice 6mm Very British Civil War game battling for the control of Croydon Airport, which I believe was put on by a father and his two sons.

Wondering around the show it seemed less busy than last year, which I would put down to the appalling weather putting people off.  It was that or the economic recession, take your pick.  Nice to see youngsters in attendance too. 

Oh if only I had the time, money and room to play Napoleonic naval games at this scale.

I also spoke to Jon and Mel at GZG and Paul who came up and introduced himself as an occasional reader of my blog.  Hi Paul!  Anyway, Jon apologized for not having the new 6mm not VOTOMS cast up in time for this show, but promises me definitely by Salute.  I've promised him more conversions when he has got the first lot I did cast.  He also mentioned some not VOTOMS at 25mm for 15mm power armour, or robots etc.

Yes he is looking at me as I took this and saying don't put me in the picture, but relented when he saw it was me and the chance of fame and glory from appearing on my log.  Who am I kidding here?  Peter Pig demonstrating their new Vikings game called Longships: The Wrath of the Vikings.  I really like their rules and play AK47 from them, and his figures and exquisite.  Now all I've got to do is get around to painting the ones I bought several years ago.

Trevor and Oliver playing 7TV by Crooked Dice as the Federation bad guys, or something approximating Blake 7 bad guys, and losing to a couple of seven year old's.  Oh how we laughed.  Okay, how I laughed.  They took it well and had a fun game.  Oliver's only complaint was that there were no Zombie games being run this year.  He likes killing zombies, what can I say?

A Lace War's game put on by SEEMS: South East Essex Military Society, which I was a member of a long time ago.  They always put on a good looking table.

Finally, Oliver at home painting up his squad of miniatures for a game called Mercs that he had to assemble immediately we got in the door.   I think I can say a job well done and the another generation of wargaming ensured.


  1. I think the presence of the really big shows "darn sarf" are the only things that make me want to live there. Short of Triples, the shows up North and even in war gameing's notional heartland, the East Midlands, always seem to have a lot less appeal.

    1. I guess Wales is even less blessed with good wargame shows. Assuming that you are still planning on moving there?

  2. More 6mm combat walkers from Jon!? Excellent!

  3. Great pictures, and yesit was wet! It did get a little busier later on.

    1. Thank god I took a brolly. Still got damp around the edges though.

  4. Nice blog and interesting view on SELWG.I like the look of 7TV, very intriguing. I am Battletech fan but never got into the minis - played the boardgame versions (Renegade Legion: Interceptor and Renegade Legion: Centurion Blood and Steel) and the PC (all packs!)....but great to see it still going strong!

    1. Thank you for the comment and glad you are getting something out of reading my humble fumblings.

  5. Looks fun; I really ought to get to a SELWG one of these years.

  6. Great to hear about those 6mm not-VOTOMS I was beginning to fear he wasn't going to do them after all. If he does do some in 25mm I'll buy some of those as well. What can I say I'm a VOTOMS nut ;-)


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