Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ogre 6th Designer Edition

For those of you who are not obsessed by giant cybertanks and SJGs Ogre/GEV game you may have missed the fact that this weekend was the official launch party for the game that weighs twenty-eight pounds.  All the excitement can viewed by clicking the link above.

The big announcements are four supplements called Assault Packs with new units to play with.  The Golem Ogre and the Chinese Dragon hybrid crewed Ogre being the biggies, the others include assault GEVs and missile GEVs.  Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope that they will make miniatures for these.

One of my two orders arrived this week, so I now have four super heavy tanks, eight Yankee light tanks and twelve Ranger heavy tanks to add to my North American Combine force.  Unfortunately, the parcel with the Mark 1 & 2 Ogres has not arrived.  I fear the worse has happened and the parcel has gotten lost in the post.


  1. Hope your knees are feeling okay. I can imagine you have been jumping up and down with excitement so much that you have developed a stress fracture.

    1. More like squeeing in delight and becoming so over excited that I will be sent to bed early to calm down.

  2. Oh my Lord...the SIZE of that box!!

    1. They're from Texas, everything is bigger in Texas.


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