Tuesday 15 October 2013

Risk Does Daleks

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Now if only the miniatures are halfway decent and a usable size for wargaming.  Even if not who can resist?  Resistance is futile.  Link here, list of contents as follows:

-5 different Daleks Armies to control (Classic Bronze, Silver, Black) and New Dalek (Yellow and Red)

-10 Mission Cards

-15 Power Cards

-42 Territory Cards

-1 Board (49cm x 75cm)

-1 16 page rules booklet

-5 Dice

-1 Clara Token

-1 TARDIS Piece

-315 Dalek pieces – each army has 42 small, 15 medium and 6 large

Three hundred and fifteen Daleks, they must be mine I tell you.  They will be mine.  With them I shall conquer the world and the Daleks will reign supreme.  Exterminate, exterminate.


  1. This looks amazing. I'm speechless.

    1. And the game I would suggest is thematically correct for the rules. How meta is that?

  2. Well, that is the crimbo gift for the missus sorted, then. Thanks, Ashley!

  3. Thanks Ashley. My kids will love this. So as Thomas mentions - that's one of their Christmas presents sorted!!

  4. I am glad to see that the defending humans have their rightful significance in the game, as they did in the story.

    ("Clara token"? Oh dear.)

  5. Ahem. Squeeeeee. That is all.

  6. First thought was blatant commercialism. Second thought, 15mm scale daleks. Then I made a noise that sounded a little like Homer Simpson contemplating a giant hamburger. Let me know what scale they look like.